Now that you’ve narrowed your choices down, it’s time to get serious about what your property management company should be doing for you. You’re talking business here, and your business is bound to succeed if you choose the right one, but the wrong one can be a financial nightmare. Our property management division of Stowe Country Homes knows the difference, and we want to ensure that you will be happy with the decision you made. Here’s a list of five things to look for in your PMC. If the company you have been considering doesn’t do all five, you should consider choosing someone else! Read more about Stowe property management below:

Are They Located Near Your Property?

As you are going about your business of hiring a PMC, this question should be at the top of your list. In this internet world, the PMC you are interviewing could be located in Paris when your property is in Vermont; how quickly are they going to be able to respond to problems from clear across the world? In addition, local businesses have the best knowledge of the region your property is located in, which can add up to discounts on supplies, services, and special treats for your guests. Stowe property management is a fan favorite!

How Sophisticated is Their Marketing?

Gone are the days that an ad in the telephone book or the local newspaper will suffice. Today, a good PMC needs to be able to reach out to tenants across the world using services such as Airbnb, VRBO, and many others. Staying ahead of the trends is important to be a success in business, and your investment property is your business.

Top Notch Maintenance Services

If you want your property to work for you for a very long time, keeping ahead of maintenance issues is vital. If the company you are planning to hire doesn’t agree or has a reputation for shoddy maintenance, keep looking—the right company is out there, we promise!

What Do They Charge, and are There Any Hidden Fees?

Most companies will charge a percentage of the rent (generally between 10 to 15%), but some then hit you with hidden fees for maintenance, housekeeping, emergency visits, etc. You want a company that promises a high return on your investment, not one that leaves the profits for themselves!

Hands-On is the Only Way

From text messages to emails, voicemails, and beyond, staying in contact without ever meeting face to face is very easy to do, but people don’t like it. If the heater breaks at 2 o’clock in the morning, your tenants want to see a person fixing the problem; they don’t want an email scheduling an appointment two days down the road!

Vacation Property Management

Sometimes our most important decisions are also the most overwhelming ones, and it helps to have a friendly and knowledgeable company watching your back. If you have any other questions about what your vacation property management company should offer, give us a call. We always love to help!