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The beautiful trails surrounding the greater Stowe area are perfect for those who wish to explore them on horseback. This summer activity is a must for anyone visiting the Stowe area. Whether you are an experienced horseback rider or newbie looking to try it out for the first time, you will need some assistance in finding all of the ins-and-outs of Stowe horseback riding. Two great horseback riding agencies are available nearby to help get your started and hit the horseback riding trails. Before you do though, make sure to book a stay in one of our vacation rentals by clicking here!

Topnotch Equestrian Center

The Topnotch Resort understands how beautiful Vermont is when seen from horseback and has a fully stocked Equestrian Center for all of your horseback needs. Guided trail rides let you and your group experience the great Vermont outdoors on one of the many local trails around Stowe. Horseback riding lessons are also available for those interesting in learning more about the sport. Younger children are able to enjoy the corralled pony rides in the equestrian center that will put a smile on their face. During the winter seasons, take the entire family out for a carriage ride with their giant draft horses that includes warmed blankets and jingle bells to really get the holiday cheer going. Contact them for further inquiries at (802) 253-6497 or email them at concierge@topnotchresort.com. Stowe horseback riding is a big reason why our guests come back again and again.

Stowe VT Attractions

Just outside the Stowe area near the Mad River Valley is the historic village of Waitsfield, where the Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm is nestled. This expansive horse farm offers half-day and full-day trail rides on some of the oldest horse breeds in the country. You will be guided by a seasoned veteran of horseback riding across the Mad River Valley and through the meadows and woods of the Green Mountains. The unique history of the valley will be told expertly by your guide, with natural features pointed out to make a memorable journey for you and your family. For the more adventurous, reserve a two- to six-day expedition on their Icelandic horses across the valley. Stowe horseback riding is a fan favorite for many reasons!

Fine dining is served at their lodge featuring exquisite cuisine. Prior notice is required for all reservations, but anyone can stop by and check out the extraordinary horses up close in person. Contact them for all reservation inquiries at (802) 496-7141 or send them an email at horses@icelandichorses.com. Come see why USA Today voted the Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm as one of the “10 Great Places to Go Horseback Riding.”

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