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When ski season slows down in Stowe during the summer months, it’s the perfect opportunity for the mountain town’s artsy heritage to shine through. Stowe Arts Week is a celebration of the local arts community and takes place every summer in Stowe.

The Stowe Arts and Culture Council

The Stowe Arts and Culture Council (SACC) is responsible for putting on the Stowe Art Festival. The SACC was formed with the intention to promote and support the vibrant arts community in Stowe. The Council consists of a group of local residents and business owners who share the common interest of promoting Stowe as an inviting place to live.

Small Town, Big Arts Scene

Whether it be Stowe’s beautiful natural setting within the low, lush mountains of Vermont, or the town’s laid back, vacation destination vibe, there is no denying that Stowe is an important epicenter of the arts. Within the small town’s borders, there are a variety of art galleries, namely the Green Mountain Fine Art Gallery, the Vermont Contemporary Art Space, and the West Branch Gallery and Sculpture Art.

Arts Week – Stowe Upcoming Events

In the augural Arts Week event in 2018, some of the unique events presented at Arts Week included an art photography walk where participants were led on a guided tour of the local Mill Trail and invited to flex their photography skills. Other free events included an outdoor sculpture garden, complete with a guided tour and an opening ceremony with snacks and refreshments.

Also offered at the previous Arts Week were live musical performances and performance of a musical play. Other attractions include hands-on activities like papier-mache crafts and mask painting. Ongoing art exhibits are also incorporated into the week-long event. For those who are less artistically inclined, there are some outdoor activities offered such as a family hike. This is one of the best Stowe upcoming events!

Local and Tourist Appeal

Stowe Art Festival is a fantastic way for local Stowe residents to celebrate the strong artsy reputation of their town and the surrounding area. However, the festive week also attracts visitors from New England and beyond who make their way to the town in the mountain to participate in the multitude of events. For those who are coming from out of town, Stowe offers many hospitality and recreational opportunities and makes a great vacation destination. Contact Stowe Country Homes to find the perfect vacation home in Stowe to experience this great week of artistic talent!