Although Stowe is a town known for its ski traditions and winter sports, over the past decade a new sport has begun to take center stage in the resort town: lacrosse. Founded in 2010, the Stowe Lacrosse Tournament has grown from a small-scale operation that was born out of one family’s passion to become a nationally-recognized circuit of lacrosse tournaments, including its inaugural variation in Stowe.

Stowe Lacrosse Tournament – Bitter Lacrosse

Bitter Lacrosse is the name of a network of lacrosse tournaments that is named after the Bitter family that is local to Stowe. Since the festival’s humble beginnings in Stowe nearly a decade ago, Bitter Lacrosse has spread quickly and now operates tournaments in states such as Texas, South Carolina, Virginia, and Florida. All tournaments are able to count as qualifier rounds for US Lacrosse tournaments. Although Bitter Lacrosse has grown considerably since its humble inception, it remains a family company with the Bitter family still very much involved. This is one of the most popular Stowe sport!

Bitter Lacrosse Tournament in Stowe

The Stowe edition of the Bitter Lacrosse Tournament takes place over two weekends in the summer. The games consist of both boy and girl divisions and guarantee four games with the fifth game being a playoff round. The tournament is a complete operation equipped with field marshals and live scoring. For young spectators, there are some family events offered to provide entertainment.

Those wishing to participate in the Bitter Lacrosse Tournament are encouraged to either register as a team or as a free agent. Different participation fees apply for either group. Those who register as free agents will be placed with other individual participants on already-established teams. It is possible for those who compete to submit their scores to the following year’s US Lacrosse tournament.

Bitter Lacrosse Camp

In addition to the lacrosse tournaments, Bitter Lacrosse also hosts a Lacrosse Camp in Stowe. The camp has a boy’s division and a girl’s division and runs for three sessions every summer in Stowe. The camp incorporates lacrosse instruction and other outdoor activities to build well-rounded young lacrosse players and help cultivate a passion and understanding of the Stowe sport.

Vacation Destination

The Stowe edition of the Bitter Lacrosse Tournament takes place within the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont. For those traveling from out of town, Stowe Country Homes offers great rental homes and condos nearby the tournament area.

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