Of all the charms Stowe, Vermont has to offer (and there are many), getting to the top of its highest mountain poses the greatest challenge for visitors. Stowe is a quaint New England village with a white church steeple, exquisite architecture from bygone times, and leans its back comfortably against the 4,393-foot Mount Mansfield. But if you’re not big on hiking and climbing mountains is not something you see yourself trying in this life, but you would still like to get to the highest summit in Vermont, you’re in luck. Stowe Mountain Auto Toll Road has a single purpose: to take people to the top of the mountain without breaking a sweat.

Comfortable Mountain Climbing

The 150-year-old Auto Toll Road is a 4.5 miles long gravel road that reaches a peak elevation of 3,850 feet. Since you can drive up the road, you may not care much about this information, because the car will do all the heavy work. During the winter season people ski down that same road, but come summer, it serves a different purpose. The drive takes about 20 minutes to get you to the top where you feast your eyes on some of the most panoramic scenes of New England you’d get anywhere. Keep in mind that the descent might take longer since you have to take a few stops to cool your car brakes.

What You Get at Stowe Mountain Auto Toll Road

So, what is the Stowe Mountain Auto Toll Road? Well, for one thing, you’ll get an awesome view of the White Mountains, the Adirondacks, Lake Champlain, and the Green Mountains. On a clear day, you can get a glimpse of Mont Royal in Quebec. But before you get there, there are three stops on the way to give you a break from the zigzagging road and to take some pictures. And once you’ve made it to the top you get to try one of the trails including the Cliff Trail, Long Trail and Canyon Trail that climb up another 550 feet and stretch for 1.5 miles.

Pets, Bikes, and Other Info

The Stowe Mountain Auto Toll Road is open between May and October every year. Weather permitting, it stays open every day between 9 am and 4 pm. But there are a few things you’re not allowed to do, such as riding a bike or hiking. Because of the traffic and the nature of the road, biking is not allowed, while hiking is not advised. Pets, however, are allowed, although they do have to be leashed. And if the name gave you a hint, you have to pay a toll for every vehicle and passenger inside the vehicle.
One of the easiest ways to climb a mountain is driving up to the summit of Mount Mansfield using the Auto Toll Road. Get in touch with us today for more information about the other attractions Stowe has to offer and to book one of our vacation rentals, including our properties at The Lodge at Spruce Peak.

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