Come experience a unique Stowe institution at the Harvest Market. This specialty market has a distinctively European flair and features incredible food that appeals to seasoned meat lovers, vegetarians, and gluten-free consumers alike. Here you will find the best local cuisine and Vermont products that you cannot buy elsewhere.

Grab Some Coffee

All of your favorite coffee drinks are made to order at the Harvest Market Stowe, whether you enjoy mochas, lattes, Americanos, cappuccinos, or just a simple cup of black coffee. You can even pair up your favorite coffee drink with one of their specialty baked goods to save some extra change!

Seasonal Baked Goods

The Harvest Market specializes in a variety of seasonal baked goods that will warm your core. The seasonal pie offerings like strawberry rhubarb, apple strawberry, and key lime will satisfy every sweet tooth. Since you are in Vermont, make a point of trying the Maple Pecan Pie for a truly authentic experience. The menu rounds out with delicious cheesecake, vanilla lemon curd cake, chocolate mousse tarts, tiramisu, and so much more.

Meats and Cheese

The Harvest Market Stowe features the finest selection of meats and cheeses from local ranchers in the area. Grab a charcuterie board with roasted turkey, salami, cured bacon, Prosciutto di Parma, and Fermin Chorizo. Each meat and cheese selection can be purchased individually to create the perfect pairing for your late-night snack or dinner.

Finding the Harvest Market

The Harvest Market is located in the heart of Stowe at 1031 Mountain Road (Route 108). Call ahead with any questions you have at 802-253-3800 or visit their website at They are open every day from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. You couldn’t make a better choice!

Choosing Stowe Country Homes

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