Alpine sports are the heart and soul of Stowe. The Stowe Sugar Slalom is a highlight of the resort town’s eventful year and commemorates the arrival of spring. Every year since 1939, more than a thousand participants and spectators come together to celebrate the end of the winter season and the beginning of maple syrup season, from which the event gets its sweet name.

The Sugar Slalom is a giant party complete with a barbecue, and of course, a ski race. Festival-goers are invited to show up in costume depending on the year’s theme. True to its name, the event also features plenty of maple treats including the Vermont specialty, “maple syrup on snow.”

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Stowe Ski Vacations – The Mount Mansfield Ski Club

The Stowe Sugar Slalom is put on every year by the Mount Mansfield Ski Club (MMSC), an organization that has been in existence since 1934, dating back to the very beginning of commercialized skiing in Stowe. The MMSC has a strong history of alpine skiing in particular and has been responsible for showcasing some of the most famous skiers in American history. A number of the athletes who have trained at Stowe have gone on to become US or Olympic champions. This is one of the best Stowe ski vacations!

The History of the Sugar Slalom

The very first Sugar Slalom dates back nearly as far as the MMSC’s roots. The first Sugar Slalom was held in April of 1939. It’s been a tradition that has caught on since.

Tapping into Spring

The Sugar Slalom, aside from being an opportunity for enthusiastic skiers to get together in costume and race, also marks the end of the Vermont ski season and the beginning of the maple syrup season. As one of the world’s foremost maple syrup producers, this is certainly something to celebrate in the Green Mountain State.

Local Vermont Flavor

The incorporation of local treats into the Sugar Slalom makes it a sweet event indeed. When participants reach the finish line, they are treated to a local spread of maple donuts, pickles and “maple syrup on snow,” a Vermont specialty that is precisely what it sounds like.

The Sugar Slalom is open to all, but those who are looking to participate are asked to compete in a qualifying round that is held in the days before the event. Looking to attend but not ski? That’s okay – the event offers plenty of entertainment off the slopes as well, in the form of barbecues and live music. Book your stay at one of our beautiful vacation rentals, or contact us today!

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