Why Stowe Country Homes

At Stowe Country Homes, we treat your home or condo like one of our own. It is our only job – to maintain a portfolio of quality rental properties in the Stowe, Vermont area and drive rental business through our multi-channel marketing efforts. Our goal is to bring value to our homeowners and help them see a strong return on investment. We offer a variety of services such as marketing, property checks, 24/7 responsiveness, administrative expertise, and concierge service for guests.

  • Marketing – We invest heavily in our marketing efforts, including a state-of-the-art web site, online booking, email outreach, paid search, and more. Our clients find it easy to browse through our available rentals that include your beautiful home. The online access puts all competitors to shame with how easy we make it for our clients to find, rent, and communicate any needs with us. Potential guests can easily find their dream home, pick out rental days, pay for their stay, and request any additional services at the tip of their finger! Other services such as AirBNB require you to communicate all housing inquiries with the possible renter through their site. With our state-of-the-art website, we will do all the heavy lifting for your.
  • Property checks and local rental service – Not here, no problem! Not only do we prep rentals for guests, we also do thorough after-departure audits and damage checks. We are local and we work for our homeowners. Every nook and cranny of your Stowe Mountain house will be searched to ensure nothing goes missing or anything is damaged. Do not let the prospect of being away scare you out of making extra income through our rental service. Your home will be looked after appropriately while you are away at any point during the year. By making sure your home is in the best shape possible, your home will continue to grow in value, as renters will want to keep coming back. We make sure your home looks impeccable before and after all rental stays!
  • 24/7 responsiveness – If there’s a problem, we will fix it! We ensure frozen pipes, cracked windows, or any issues get resolved in a timely fashion by a qualified professional. Accidents and home issues can happen at any time so we make sure that your home is in tip-top shape before any guests arrive. At any time of day, we will respond to any needs or repairs that your home may be in need of. We will work with you on what you would like done to your home prior to any guests arriving for everyone’s safety.
  • Administrative expertise – Leave the paperwork to us! We not only handle all of the billing, but also cover the contracts and any financial follow-ups with the guests. You will not have to handle any communication with your guests during their stay. Our professional and friendly staff makes sure all paperwork needs are handled in a timely manner leaving you free of worries while you are away. You can rest easy as our expertise is put to the test with all rentals in the Stowe area.
  • Concierge services for guests – This is a huge value-add for guests – they can rent a private home, yet still get housekeeping, grocery shopping, and more. Longer vacations can be difficult to figure out all of the logistics so we make it easy for our guests with these easy to add services. There is a reason why your Stowe Mountain house is chosen for its beauty and amenities so let your guests spend more time in the home and have groceries or cleaning services brought to them.