Wiessner Woods is a protected natural area owned and managed by Stowe Land Trust. The 79 acres of land gets its name from former owners Muriel and Fritz Wiessner. Fritz was a passionate conservationist as well as a mountaineer and climber. After his death, his wife Muriel Wiessner donated the land to the Town of Stowe to preserve its natural beauty. Thanks to her, the forest with its beautiful landscape, trails, trees, and scenic views is now open to the public to enjoy. Apart from a small meadow, the entirety of the 79 acres is forested.

Fascinating Landscape

The first thing you encounter once you get out of the parking area is the meadow. The traditional New England stone walls surrounding the meadow date back to the early 19th century while Mt. Mansfield stands tall in the background. The meadow is a hunting ground for foxes, coyotes, and other wildlife. Deep in the forest you come across shallow pools called vernal pools that frogs and salamander use to lay their eggs. Moving ahead you come face to face with pines about 100 years old. Wiessner Woods Stowe, VT offers a natural habitat for birds, snowshoe hare, and other animals. Leaving the pine forest and as you make your way to Sugarhouse Loop, be on the lookout for the gnome home. This small creature is shy and usually hides inside a tree.


One of the most popular features of Wiessner Woods is the trailhead. There are many easy trails that crisscross the forest and are suitable for the whole family, including the dog. The trail intersects with the Catamount Ski Trail, and the Town Loop trails are also close by, so it’s easy to use a map and plan a good hike that will take you across the forest and into other trails.

Enjoying Wiessner Woods

Since the land is protected, there are a few rules that you should be aware of before visiting Wiessner Woods. The forest is open every day from dusk ‘til dawn, but no camping or fires are allowed at night. You can only walk on foot. This means no bikes, cars, ATVs, or horses are permitted. You’ll need to leash your dog and carry all the trash out with you when you’re done with your hike. Neither hunting nor trapping is allowed. Finally, if you’re part of a group of visitors that is more than 10 people, you need to get permission first.

Wiessner Woods Stowe, VT is a protected forest that is worth visiting to enjoy its diverse fauna and flora. Get in touch with us today for more information about the different attractions in Stowe, Vermont and our beautiful vacation rentals where you can have an amazing stay!

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