Mountain Road
This is the access road from the village to the Mt. Mansfield Ski Area. Most restaurants, rental shops as well as retail stores are located along the Mountain Road.
North 100
Just North of the village, heading towards Morrisville.
South 100
Driving from Interstate 89, these properties are located before you reach the village. Tourist attractions such as Ben & Jerry’s, Cider Mill, Lake Champlain Chocolates and Mesa outlet can be found along the way.
Stowe Hollow
A wonderful residential area located behind the village. These properties are premier with views and a quick 5 minute drive to the village.
Ski Area
Located at the base of Mt. Mansfield and Spruce Peak mountain; the village is 7 miles south on the Mountain Road.
Parallel to the Mountain Road, you have the comfort of being close to the mountain, along with the seclusion of a wooded residential area.
The village properties are great for the non-skier who would like to walk around the many craft galleries, restaurants,and retail shops during the day. There is trolley access from the Town Hall in the village, traveling up to the ski areas, making various stops along the Mountain Road.