Emily’s Covered Bridge in Stowe, VT is no ordinary bridge. Granted, it’s a covered bridge that has charm and mystery about it as much as the other hundreds of covered bridges that New England is famous for, only Emily’s Bridge has far more mystery than charm. Stories swirling around this particular bridge could be the basis for a good horror movie or a TV series. For all appearances, the bridge looks normal. It’s just another bridge on a brook that was built in the 19th century. But the first clue that something isn’t typical about this bridge is right in the name. Who’s Emily? Because the official name of the bridge is the Gold Brook Covered Bridge. So, what did Emily do to get the bridge named after her?

Emily’s Broken Heart

Built in 1844, Emily’s Bridge in Stowe Vermont was just 50 feet long over Gold Brook and was covered with dark wood that the elements haven’t been merciful on ever since. But around the time the bridge was built that dark wood was still new, smelling of fresh pine, and creaked every time a horse-drawn wagon crossed it. A young woman named Emily planned to elope with her love. Their meeting place was this same bridge. But when he didn’t show, Emily, filled with despair, hanged herself from the rafters of the Gold Brook Bridge. A sad story indeed, and anyone who hears it for the first time feels sorry for young Emily and her broken heart. Only Emily wasn’t finished with the bridge just yet.

The Hauntings at Emily’s Covered Bridge

Stories started making the rounds in the area of sightings of young Emily lurking around the bridge. Not the sweet and sorrowful Emily we learned about, but a vengeful Emily full of wrath and, apparently, long nails. Emily was understandably upset at being jilted. Anybody would be. But for Emily to take it out on passing cars? Some would consider that over-dramatic, but that’s Emily. She started slashing cars passing over the bridge, leaving scars not unlike those left by Wolverine of X-Men fame. Even pedestrians crossing Emily’s Covered Bridge are not safe, and the marks on their backs bear witness to Emily’s fury, which hasn’t abated even after all these years.

Modern Sightings

To this day blogs and websites still tell stories about recent hauntings and sightings of poor Emily still going about her tortured business. What is surprising about all of this is that Emily hadn’t thought about waylaying the guy who scorned her and giving him a piece of her mind along with some scratches. That would have been the logical thing to do. But as we all know, ghosts are not the most logical people… er… apparitions…
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