The cool nights, smell of warmly lit fireplaces, pumpkins, and apples wafting through the air, the colorful explosion in the trees, and the sight of zombies, ghosts, and princesses roaming the streets on the search for candy that will upset tummies and rot their teeth—these are just a few of the reasons we love Halloween in Stowe. If you’re thinking of planning a Halloween vacation to our favorite place on Earth, congratulations, you made the right choice! But if you’re still up in the air over whether it’s a good idea or not, maybe these events in Stowe will gently nudge you in the right direction this Halloween.

Percy Farm Corn Maze, 2919 Mountain Road

Not all Stowe Halloween related activities have to be scary, and if you have very young or sensitive children, it’s actually better if they aren’t. Percy Farm Corn Maze is a fun adventure, and not scary at all. Sometimes it is easy to escape, other times it may be a little more difficult, but the maze never turns out the same way twice! Buy some homemade maple syrup while you’re there. You can flip some flapjacks in comfort and style at your Stowe Country Homes vacation rental for a treat you won’t soon forget!

Dead North Farmland of Terror, 1404 Wheelock Road, Danville

Now, if you happen to enjoy being frightened and are willing to drive a little, the Dead North Farmland of Terror holds the honor of being one of the scariest haunted “houses” in the state. In reality, it’s a corn field and multiple buildings, so it can’t really identify as a house. Not appropriate for the very young and potentially dangerous for those with health issues, but for those that can participate, this spookatorium is definitely worth the 39-mile drive among other events in Stowe!

Trick or Treating and Other Events at Stowe

If your children are worried they will miss out on the traditional Stowe Halloween experience, you can find their smiles easily when you tell them about Maple Street! Trick or treating in Stowe Village is an annual event, and because Maple Street is so busy, the townspeople shut it down for the kids’ safety, so your little ones can dress up in their favorite costumes and hit the streets with all the other goblins, ghosts, and fairy princesses!

Stowe Halloween Vacation Escape

Be sure to leave a light on so you can easily find your way back to the comfortable and cozy surroundings of your charming home away from home! Sit in front of the fire with your favorite chocolate (Not too close, though; you don’t want to melt it!), enjoy our amenities and feel whatever tensions you have left in your shoulders just melt away. Check our reviews and reserve your vacation today!