RIDE by JoMotion is an indoor cycling experience located in the heart of Stowe. Joanna Graves opened RIDE in 2017 because of her love for group fitness. She decided to combine her CrossFit business with indoor cycling, and that’s how RIDE was created. Read more about the things to do near Stowe VT below:
RIDE uses state-of-the-art bikes and technology combined with high energy music to create a unique cycling experience in each of their classes. Classes are offered every day of the week, and there are different options in regard to the level of intensity. All of them are guaranteed to make you sweat and get your endorphins pumping. So, the next time it’s raining outside or the weather isn’t great, stop by a RIDE class to get some cardio!
The classes RIDE offers are listed below:


This class is 45-minutes of bike riding, music-pumping fun that is guaranteed to make you feel energized. The class uses its on-bike technology to record your ride in real time. The results are sent to your email after class and if you like they can be posted and shared on the Leader Board. Ride indoor cycling is a fan favorite!


This class is a high-energy 45-minute workout full of beats to get you excited about cycling. This class also includes interval training, hand weights, and intense cardio. Each class ends with a cool down and a stretch. Your personal stats from each class are sent to your email.

Happy Hour Ride

This 45-minute class is held on Fridays at 5:30 p.m. and will help you start your weekend off right.

JoMotion Boot Camp at Stowe Arena

Joanna, the founder of RIDE, teaches this boot camp class. This is a great way to change up your exercise routine from cycling while still getting an intense muscle and cardio workout. The class is held outside (weather permitting) and weights, mats, and other exercise equipment are provided.

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You can also schedule a private class for you and your friends. Nothing brings a group of people together like the high energy and sense of togetherness of an indoor cycling class. Classes are followed up by a small party in the lobby.
For more information on indoor activities or recommendations for athletic activities around Stowe, please contact us today!