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Immersed in a landscape of towering mountain peaks and tranquil forests, Stowe’s natural environment provides a gorgeous backdrop for a Stowe hiking adventure outdoors. Find out more about hiking in Stowe, VT below!

See the Awe-Inspiring Natural Spectacle of Stowe

One of Stowe’s most standout features is Mt. Mansfield, the highest peak in all of Vermont. This mountain is also home to the largest of Vermont’s two alpine ecosystems, offering hikers fantastic, sweeping views of iconic sights like the Green Mountains, the White Mountains, the Adirondacks, Lake Champlain, and Mont Royal across the border in Quebec. Mt. Mansfield presents a challenging hike from the top of the gondola up Cliff Trail, while a more moderate Stowe hiking trail can be enjoyed by taking the Long Trail along the ridgeline for a mile and a half, from the Visitor Center at the top of Auto Toll Road to the Chin, or the summit of the mountain.

Hiking Stowe Pinnacle will present a moderate challenge, with views of Mt. Mansfield and other peaks in the Green Mountains, the Worcester Range, and the Sterling Range. You can access Stowe Pinnacle from one of two trailheads: Upper Hollow Road, or Pinnacle Meadows Trailhead on Upper Pinnacle Road. Should you choose Pinnacle Meadows Trailhead, you can also incorporate the lush meadows into your trek, highlighting the dynamic landscape of the area.

If you’re looking for easy and short yet scenic hikes in Stowe, VT, there are a number of more gentle trails that will still immerse you in the picturesque beauty of Stowe. Try Wiessner Woods and Kirchner Woods for a bit of Stowe hiking without working too hard. Moss Glen Falls and Bingham Falls are also popular sites, particularly for their summertime swimming holes.

Finally, Sunset Rock is considered a hidden gem of a hike in Stowe. Located just a short distance from the village proper in Stowe, Sunset Rock Trail is one of the most under-utilized trails in town. One way you can get to Sunset Rock is by heading to the end of Sunset Street, three blocks from the center of town. You’ll want to park on Main Street or in the parking lot behind Butler Building. Another way to reach Sunset Rock is to go to the parking lot off of Tabor Hill Road, about a quarter of a mile from the village, and walk up the Summit Access Road to the viewpoint.

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