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Northern Vermont is full of some of the most beautiful scenery in all of the New England area. When you are staying for your next vacation getaway in Stowe, Vermont at one Stowe Country Homes, you will be just a short drive away from some of the best state parks and outdoor attractions.

Mount Mansfield, Vermont’s highest peak, is one such attraction located in Stowe. This popular mountain has a summit that peaks at approximately 4,395 feet with the range extending over to Stowe. This state landmark got its name from its human profile appearance with features that appear as a chin, nose, forehead, and Adam’s apple of a human face. Make sure to check out Mount Mansfield during your next Stowe vacation getaway and explore these exciting attractions around the mountain. Before you check out these hiking trails, make sure to you look at some of our vacation rentals by clicking here!

Variety of Hiking Trails

Mount Mansfield, Vermont features several different hiking trails that can take you high up the mountain. Hazelton Trail begins near Mt. Mansfield Base Lodge and heads up towards the Visitors’ Center.

The Hellbrook Trail is one of our favorite hikes. Start out at Smugglers’ Notch Road and climb .7 miles before deciding whether to continue the remaining .3 miles or take the Hellbrook Cutoff route, a .7 mile trail that ends at The Chin. Finally, the Long Trail is a popular route that winds along Mount Mansfield and throughout the region. While this aptly named trail is quite rigorous, you can explore small stretches of the trail, which also connects to other trails in the area, such as Cliff Trail and the Hellbrook Cutoff.

Available Camping

If you and your group are looking to spend time camping, Mount Mansfield has an area where you can secure lodging. The Green Mountain Club’s Taft Lodge allows lodging for $6 per person. Since the mountain can be scaled in a short time, many hikers will skip out on the camping, allowing plenty of room for you and your group. Make sure to bring your own stove as creating fires is forbidden.

Explore Mount Mansfield

Mount Mansfield is waiting for you to explore its vast beauty during your next Stowe vacation getaway. The mountain is closed from April through Memorial Day to prevent erosion from occurring at the various trails. This also protects the vast vegetation that is fragile during this time of year. The mountain is free to explore unless you arrive via toll road or gondola. Enjoy the beauty of Mount Mansfield, Vermont! Contact us today to learn about our vast portfolio of properties, including our wonderful Halloween vacation rentals.

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