When you’re looking for an outdoor adventure in Stowe, VT (and there are many of those!), Umiak Outdoor Outfitters is the place for you. From equipment to tours that are suitable for every season, your Stowe vacation won’t be complete without trying their tours. Choose from a paddling trip down the river or on the lake, renting a boat, or going on a tasting tour. You can pick your adventure from the many offerings or even come up with your own custom tour. In Stowe, where there’s a lot to see and experience, it’s not that hard to conjure up a well-planned excursion to keep you entertained.

Fall Tours

Fall is the season when nature dons its finest apparel and shows off its beauty. It’s perfect timing for a fall foliage tour with an outfitter who will guide you over the gentle river that suits both beginners and more experienced paddlers. Enjoy the otters busy with their daily lives in the river as Camel’s Hump Mountain paints an impressive presence on the horizon. Wildlife is abundant here, and you can see a moose or deer coming to the river to drink. Speaking of paddling, the Waterbury Reservoir offers a great setting for a two-hour guided tour as you enjoy the fall colors. Other fall tours at Umiak Outdoor Outfitters include dog carting and brewery tours.

Winter Tours at Umiak Outdoor Outfitters

In Stowe, winter means sleds, skiing, and sleighs, so buckle up for a tour that will take your breath away. Dogsledding is a popular sport here. Get in the sled with your outfitter and let a dozen strong Huskies pull you through the snow. The experience is both exhilarating and awe-inspiring at the same time. Or if you prefer you can go on a fat bike tour. Fat bikes are off-road bikes with enlarged tires that handle all types of terrain. Despite the oversized tires, the bikes themselves are light and you can maneuver them skillfully, even in snow. Umiak Outdoor Outfitters also offers sledding, snowshoeing, and brewery tours as part of their winter activities.

Spring and Summer Tours

Being open and catering to all seasons, you can expect plenty of fun to be had during the spring and summer seasons. From dog carting to hiking to river and lake tours, it’s not hard to imagine spending your entire Stowe vacation in guided tours that take you all over this charming Vermont town and its environs.

As far as outdoorsy adventures go, Umiak Outdoor Outfitters in VT offers a comprehensive set of tours to suit every taste, age, and mindset. Get in touch with us for more information about local attractions and to book your vacation rental today!

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