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Easter in Stowe, VT usually ushers in warmer temperatures and the annual change in foliage, where spring flowers bloom and the mountains begin to glow with an iridescent light. During Easter, many people dress up in their Sunday best and head towards various centers of religious worship around town. After the churches release the masses, everyone further congregates with gatherings, activities and events, especially brunch. Fortunately, if you choose to stay at one of the Easter rentals from Stowe Country Homes, you can prepare your own brunch at Stowe area vacation rental if you like, among other great benefits! Read on to see why an Easter vacation to Stowe should be in your future!

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Mountain Stowe Area Vacation Rental

Here at Stowe Country Homes, we provide all types of accommodations, from cozy 1- and 2-bedroom condos, beautiful cottages to magnificent and modern homes. All of our properties offer everything you could possibly need as well, from extra sleeping accommodations to state-of-the-art kitchens and much, much more. In the spring, visitors will no doubt enjoy the crisp mountain air while exploring the backcountry trails which burst with life after the long winter slumber. Sure, the ski season might be over, but Vermont has four complete seasons, and it is best to enjoy each one as it happens.

Easter Brunch

If you choose to forego the meal prepared at your Vermont rental property, thankfully Stowe has a wide variety of restaurants that are open on Easter Sunday. Whether you visit one for brunch, lunch or dinner, you can rest assured that you will find an excellent restaurant. Try von Trapp or the Idletyme Brewing Company for extraordinary pub grub alongside handcrafted beers. For more refined settings, the Dining Room at Edson Hill or the Bistro at Ten Acres offers white tablecloths and an elegant menu, both restaurants are exemplary and aptly display the bounty of Vermont on the table.

Easter Sunday

In the United States, the majority of people consider Easter a Christian holiday. However, as with many holidays, Easter is the result of syncretism between Christianity and pre-Christian pagan religions. In fact, this mélange of rites and rituals shrouded in the past is also the result of other popular holidays such as Christmas and Halloween. Even the word Easter derives from a pagan festival named Eostre that was celebrated during the vernal equinox. Additionally, England’s venerable Bede first referenced a pre-Christian goddess with the same name of Eostre in the 7th Century. Nevertheless, today, many people take the opportunity to visit their preferred place of worship, and one of the most picturesque churches in New England to do so is the Stowe Community Church.

Stowe Community Church

At Stowe Country Homes, all of our properties are located close to the historic village center. If you wish to attend a Sunday service during your stay in your Vermont rental property, the Stowe Community Church located on Main Street is one of the best options. In 1830, members of the Universalist sect built the church, yet other denominations that included the Congregationalists, Methodists, and Baptists eventually combined congregants to create one of the first non-denominational churches in the country. Even if you worship in a different manner, the historic building deserves a visit, especially when strolling along quaint Main Street.

The Alchemist

All across the United States, craft beer has become quite the phenomenon over the last two decades. This is quite apparent in Vermont, where visitors can hardly take a few steps without finding a craft beer in one form or another. At the Alchemist, even if you do not enjoy the suds, this popular brewery has the ability make everyone a fan. If you do love beer, try the Heady Topper; it is one of the most celebrated beers in the entire country. In addition to the beer, visitors can take a tour of the facility, then stay for the evening and listen to live music.

Easter Events

The small mountain village of Stowe has events and happenings all-year round, and just like the winter season, people flock to the trails in search of adventure. One of the main events during the springtime is the annual Closing Day Celebration, a day when the entire town comes together and enjoys one last day on the slopes of Stowe Mountain. This annual event sometimes coincides with the Easter holiday, and when it does, visitors can take a gondola to the top of the mountain and watch the sun rise.

Whatever activity you choose, springtime in the mountains of Vermont is truly a unique experience. And when you reserve a rental with Stowe Country Homes, we provide you with the opportunity to see the state as a local. Contact us today to reserve your lovely Easter Stowe area vacation rental!

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