Stowe Country Homes provides property management and maintenance services. As Stowe, Vermont’s oldest and most respected rental agency, we know what today’s rental guests need and expect in a vacation home. Our knowledge and experience will ensure that your dollars are spent wisely and we take pride in knowing that we are the best Stowe, Vermont Property Management company. We work with some of the best sub-contractors in the area and guarantee quality work that fits your budget and schedule.
We offer a wide range of Stowe, Vermont property management services to help homeowners maximize the potential of their rental properties, including:

  • Property checks – many home owners in the area spend several months out of the year away and trust us with checking up on their home. Property checks allow you to feel secure while your home is unoccupied or between renters.
  • Lawn and garden care – Many homeowners in the Stowe area know the perfect temperatures of the spring and summer months allow gardens to get out of hand without proper lawn care. Let us handle those arrangements for you, giving you one less thing to worry about during your time away from Stowe.
  • Landscaping – Our Stowe, Vermont Property Management services also extend to landscaping as well. Our homes’ landscape needs can change as quickly as the seasons. Let our landscaping services find the perfect landscaping professionals. We’ll transform your yard by giving it the right landscape makeover, making your home even more attractive from the outside view.
  • Emergency services – Accidents can happen when you least expect them and they need to be addressed immediately. Let our emergency services take care of any high priority incidents at your home with communication made to the authorities if needed. You will be worry free as our emergency services take care of all the work when high priority incidents occur.
  • Hot tub maintenance – Hot tubs are a necessity during the colder Stowe nights but can break down at a moment’s notice. Our hot tub maintenance service will make sure your hot tub is in prime condition prior to any rental stays.
  • Plowing – Similar to landscaping services, we also provide plowing services for any additional yard work that needs to happen at your home. Let our handpicked professionals do the heavy lifting, making sure your lawn is plowed in preparation for the upcoming seasons.
  • Trash removal – We will make sure all trash is removed during the weeks or months you are away with our trash removal service. We will also make sure that your home is cleaned and the trash is taken out after each renter has checked out.
  • Annual maintenance – All homes need the occasional upkeep so we make sure any annual maintenance is handled while you are away, letting you enjoy your time at home without any distractions.
  • Interior decorating – After spring-cleaning, it’s time for some new interior decorations. Let our handpicked professionals come in and spruce up your home with a variety of interior decorating services.
  • Renovation projects – If you are looking to roll out some carpet, lay down additional tile, or finally re-do your kitchen or bathroom, let us help you find the perfect contractors to take care of the work for you while you are away!

And, not only can we help you with the maintenance and upkeep of your home, but we can also help make renovations and remodeling as easily and seamlessly as possible.
Call us toll-free at 800-639-1990 ext. 124 or email Heather at to learn more about our Stowe, Vermont property management services!