Visitors with a passion for hitting the slopes in style make their way to Stowe in the name of fresh powder, unsurpassed mountainside adventures and new Stowe upcoming events. Those who crave time on the trails find themselves drawn to Stowe for the scenic beauty it provides. Still, others make their way to this Vermont jewel of a destination in the name of arts and creativity. 2018 was the kick-off year for the Stowe Arts Week and the event’s incredible success has put it well on track to becoming an annual favorite for locals and visitors alike.

A July Artistic Experience

Created and hosted by the Stowe Arts and Culture Council, Stowe Arts Week was developed in the hopes of creating an event that would bring people together in the name of the creative arts. What began as a council-based recognition of Stowe’s appreciation for artistic endeavors turned into a 9-day event that brought in visitors from near and far! Highlighting the city’s vibrant culture and creative spirit, Stowe Arts Week is a wonderful chance to mix and mingle with Stowe residents and other travelers who are excited to get together in the name of something beautiful. This is the most popular Stowe art festival!

Exciting Stow Upcoming Events

Stowe Arts Week plays host to a variety of events that are perfect for art and cultures admirers of all ages. It’s important to keep a close eye on the events calendar online as many of the events are free to the public while some require a minimal entrance fee to participate. Past events that required an entrance ticket included opportunities to experience what it takes to perform in a circus act along with a performance!

The week is filled with fun and exciting opportunities to explore many facets of art and culture. Guest have the chance to walk through sculpture gardens, attend live musicals, admire the work of local photographers, attend solo concerts and listen to a variety of keynote speakers. Mask painting, dance and family hikes are all part of the incredible lineup of activities to be enjoyed throughout the week. Click here to learn more about the famous West Branch Gallery in Stowe, VT.

A Stowe Stay to Remember

When you have the opportunity to stay in Stowe and enjoy all that this amazing Stowe art festival provides, you’ll want to be sure you have a home away from home booked that keeps you comfortable and close to the activities. Let the team at Stowe Country Homes take care of your booking so you can focus on all of the fun! Contact us today to begin planning your Stowe Arts Week getaway.