In Vermont, it seems as if there is a brewery or gastropub on every corner of every town. So naturally, in the diminutive mountain village of Stowe, there are at least three or four different places to grab a craft beer and a hearty meal. One such gastropub is Ideltyme Brewing Company, where locals join with visitors to enjoy pints of award-winning beer and classic comfort food that exceeds typical pub grub expectations. The brewery creates and produces its beers on-site. From lagers and ales to double IPAs and Bavarian Weizens, Idletyme in Stowe always offers a wide variety of homemade suds.

Beer Haven

The brewmaster and company produce beers which primarily fall into two classes: ales and lagers. In the ales category, the signature double IPAs named Idletyme and Doubletyme pack a wallop with an ABV (alcohol by volume) of 8%. The former provides a more notable hop flavor while the latter has an unmistakable malt finish. Both wheat beers or Hefeweizen focus on the Bavarian style, and the American Pale Ales are dry-hopped, mellow and have a lower session ABV of 5%. The brewmaster also pays perfect homage to English tradition with a wonderfully dark and malty Vanilla Porter as well as a roasted, chocolatey Oatmeal Stout. The lager selection stays true to the Munich region with its Bohemian-style Pilsner and marvelously complex Dunkel. In the spring and fall, the Maerzen lager is a local favorite that marks the change of the seasons, but the Helles Brook Lager is perfect any time of the year. The Double Bock is the strongest lager from the list, and due to its longer aging process, it presents a warm, malty finish that is exemplary, especially on those cold winter days.

In the Kitchen at Idletyme in Stowe

Idletyme Brewing Company in Stowe VT offers an all-day menu that covers all bases when it comes to casual dining. From salads and sandwiches, to burgers and full-size entrees, there is definitely something for everyone on the menu. Since the beer is made on-site, the kitchen strives to present as many local ingredients as possible on the table. With this in mind, don’t forget to try the Vermont Cheeseboard or Vermont Fritters—both appetizers exemplify the bounty in the Green Mountain State. A couple of the sandwiches include a Denver Cut Steak served open faced on focaccia and the massive half-pound burger served in a buttery brioche bun. The entrees on the menu present an equally impressive range of dishes that will satisfy all palates. Whether it’s a plate of Baby-Back Ribs, an Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl, Basil Pesto, Roasted Chicken, or a bowl of Truffle Mac and Cheese, Idletyme has dining details covered.

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