When you think of art, it’s usually displayed within the confines of chic art galleries. But the West Branch Gallery in Stowe Vermont offers you the opportunity to enjoy art both indoors and outdoors. This art and event gallery showcases contemporary art by various artists at different stages in their artistic journey. From beginners to well-known artists, local, regional, and international, the gallery and park are the setting for diverse media and art forms. While the paintings and other works of art are inside the gallery, large-scale sculptures are displayed in the sculpture garden outside adjacent to the gallery building. In Stowe, VT, art is something you can enjoy everywhere, whether natural or man-made.

The Gallery

As the indoor portion of the West Branch Gallery, visitors come here to view paintings, prints, and sculptures of various artists along with rotating exhibitions. The exhibitions focus on works of art with a Vermont theme. Thus, art lovers are treated to exhibitions about Vermont landscapes as well as the Vermont dairy cow. Past exhibits also revolved around either a single artist such as Charlie Bluett, Janet Fredericks, and Michaela Harlow or works by different artists that shared a common theme or motif. A full list of the past, current, and future exhibitions are available on their website.

Sculpture Garden

The outdoor part of the West Branch Gallery in Stowe VT is dedicated to works of art of large proportions that couldn’t fit inside the building. A beautifully maintained lawn is the backdrop for large-scale works in stone, steel, and bronze. It’s a unique chance to walk around on a fine day enjoying art and nature at the same time. Spend a leisurely stroll admiring the grace and beauty of every piece an artist has thoughtfully created. The gallery opens its doors from Tuesday to Sunday between 10 am and 5 pm.

Services and Private Events at the West Branch Gallery

In addition to the galleries and exhibitions, the West Branch Gallery also opens its doors for private events. Nothing compares to a cocktail party where the guests drift around pieces of art. That makes it a party to be remembered! In addition, the gallery offers valuable services for every aspect concerning art, from evaluation and acquisition to consultation and installation.

For art lovers, the West Branch Gallery & Sculpture Park is the place to spend a day in the company of great contemporary works of art from different regions and cultures. Contact us today for more information on local attractions and to book one of our Stowe vacation rentals!

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