Do you love the great outdoors, mountain bikes, or beer? If you do, you can’t miss the annual Stowe Bikes, Brews, and Beats Festival. If you love ALL three, well Stowe “B3” might just be your version of paradise.

Block-Rocking B’s

Taking place in the last week of June, this incredible festival is a celebration of the natural beauty of Stowe and the Green Mountains, the bounty the land can produce, and the creativity of the local residents. Come join in the fun at this free event, with block parties, food expos at local restaurants, beer tastings and beer gardens, incredible live music performances, and guided mountain bike trail rides for all skill levels.

Summer Is Here

While the calendar might mark June 20 as the start of the summer season, in Stowe we kick it off June 29 with the opening ceremony and block party for Stowe B3. The entire town will come together to celebrate, eating and drinking at the local restaurants lining Park Street. After the show, saddle up your bike and join the Critical Mass Ride for a family-friendly, all-skills-welcome ride through Stowe to the B3 Kick-off Party. The events will continue through the weekend with local bike shops offering free group rides through the surroundings hills, mountains, and forests. Best of all? It is all free.

You don’t have to have a favorite “B,” because this festival is a great way to appreciate and enjoy all three. From the scenic mountain bike trails around Stowe to the delicious local craft beers (did you know there are more than 30 local breweries around Stowe?), this festival is without question one of the highlights of our summer. Stowe Country Homes is proud to welcome you to this fabulous event, and we invite you to browse our incredible selection of fully furnished luxury vacation homes, all available at incredible prices and located within the heart of all the fun that Vermont has to offer.