There is plenty for you to enjoy in Stowe no matter the season. What you need to pack in your luggage all depends on the time of year you visit. Whether you visit during the summer or in the height of winter, make sure to pack light, as you will not need much when staying in our well-appointed vacation rentals. Here are some simple tips to help you pack light for Stowe traveling:

Ski Gear in the Winter Can Stay Home

Stowe is known for incredible skiing during the snowy winter season. Locals and visitors alike head up the mountain to enjoy this popular winter sport. Bringing your own ski gear from home can be extremely difficult and heavy to carry. Fortunately, rental shops on the mountain can rent you out any of the gear that you need, making it easy to enjoy skiing or snowboarding. Most gear can be rented by the day, letting you check out what you need for as long as you need it.

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Time for Games at the Vacation Rental

Experienced travelers know to expect some downtime when vacationing away from home. While most families will want to bring their own entertainment options, we encourage you to leave it all at home. Some vacation rentals will come with plenty of board games and other activities that are perfect for the whole family. Larger vacation rentals may even feature a billiards table that is an absolute joy for everyone. Free Wi-Fi in the homes make it easy to log into your favorite streaming services to unwind. Either way, you can expect there will be plenty of entertainment to experience in Stowe.

No Need for Your Own Towels and Bedsheets

Our vacation rentals come fully prepared for your stay, so you do not need to bring any furnishings from home. Expect to find soft and comfortable bed sheets on all the beds and plenty of towels to dry yourself off after a refreshing shower or bath. The same can be said for kitchenware, letting you prepare meals on the fly for your family. When you choose our vacation rentals, you will have extra comforts and welcoming amenities that local hotels cannot provide.

Time to Start Planning for Your Stowe Traveling

When you’re ready to schedule your next vacation getaway, be sure to contact Stowe Country Homes. Our comfortable vacation rentals can host you and your family for an unbelievable time in Vermont. Call today and let us find the perfect rental for your stay in Stowe!