Stowe is home to a number of incredible restaurants and flavors, but if there’s one hidden gem that they do arguably better than anything else, it’s pizza! With access to some of the freshest local ingredients around and some of the best culinary artists in the entire northeast US, it’s no wonder than thousands of tourists come back year after year to see what’s being cooked up next. The next time you’re in town, here are three of the best  places you need to check out for Stowe pizza:

Piecasso Pizzeria & Lounge

Since the turn of the millennium, Piecasso Pizzeria & Lounge has been treating both the locals and visitors of Stowe to an incredible mix of delicious pizza and live entertainment that cannot be matched anywhere else! The staff at Piecasso Pizzeria & Lounge takes pride in using nothing but the freshest ingredients and making traditional, hand-tossed pizza that’s sure to please every taste (we recommend checking out the local favorite: The Tree Hugger). But if there’s one reason to check out Piecasso Pizzeria & Lounge, it would have to be the incredibly fun atmosphere that’s second to none in Stowe! Piecasso frequently books live entertainment acts and music to be played at night, and when combined with their bar, there are few better ways to spend a night at your Stowe rental property.

The Pizza Joint

Two words that you don’t normally associate together are “pizza” and “healthy,” but at The Pizza Joint, that’s actually quite the opposite! Winners of The Healthy Pizza Competition in Montreal, The Pizza Joint offers up selections that are made using the freshest ingredients Stowe has to offer and provides a number of selections that are good for both the heart and the soul! Either make your own creation or choose from one of the many delicious designer pizzas available, including The Big Easy (it’s a jambalaya pizza!), The Stockyard (for the carnivores in your life), or The Long Tail, featuring real Vermont goat cheese. When it comes to fresh cooked pizzas, few do it better than The Pizza Joint.

The Bench

Sometimes when you’re on vacation and you’ve spent the day out and about or hiking the mountains, you just want something that’s going to make you feel good and right at home. Well, nobody in Stowe arguably does comfort food better than The Bench, and this goes double for their pizzas! Wood fired and cooked to perfection, The Bench offers a number of delicious pizza options—both traditional and unique! Our recommendation would have to be the Cubano pizza; featuring Dijon mustard, pulled pork, Tasso ham, pickle, aioli, and Swiss.

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