While many believe the town of Stowe to only be a winter resort town, the truth is actually quite the opposite! Once the snow melts, the town of Stowe turns into a bustling mountain town full of life and things to do and explore! If you’re thinking of spending this year’s Memorial Day weekend in Stowe, here are a few ideas of the awesome activities the town has to offer.

Take a Stroll Through Beautiful Downtown Stowe

One of the best attractions about Stowe itself, and one of the reasons people continue to visit us year after to enjoy Stowe holidays, is the incredible amount of shops and delicious restaurants that populate our downtown area! Whether you’re in the mood for an incredible homemade pizza, some delicious pub food served with locally home brewed beer, or want a more romantic and intimate setting, you’ll find it in downtown Stowe! There are also a number of unique shops to visit, and this makes for an incredibly relaxing experience. And let’s face it: You’re on vacation and we want you to relax! You’ll feel right at home walking the streets of downtown Stowe, and exploring everything is half the fun!

Get Out and Explore the Great Outdoors During Your Stowe Holidays

Once Memorial Day weekend has rolled around, the snow around Stowe has usually melted, and what used to be a winter wonderland has magically transformed into an outdoorsman’s paradise right before your very eyes! Combined with absolutely stunning views of the Vermont landscape, it’s no secret that hiking is a favorite summer activity for locals and tourists alike. Lace up some boots and see it for yourself this Memorial Day in one of our Stowe, Vermont summer rentals! Some of the most popular routes include hiking Mt. Mansfield and Stowe Pinnacle, but there are hundreds of different trails and paths just waiting for you to explore.

Or Explore the Great Outdoors Your Own Way!

Sure, for some people, having boots on the ground and exploring the Stowe area is great—but you’re not some people! You’re looking to make memories that will last a lifetime this upcoming Memorial Day. Well, you’re in luck. We have the perfect solution that will allow you to take in all of the natural beauty of Stowe while giving you that rush you’re looking for: The Zip Rider at Stowe Mountain Resort! Featuring over 10,000 feet of riding cable, the Zip Rider tour at Stowe Mountain Resort is the 2nd longest zip line tour in the entire United States. This tour is the “ultimate point-to-point sky adventure” and will allow you to see the Stowe wilderness in ways that some people only dream of!

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