For decades Stowe, Vermont has been a tourist destination for those looking to escape and enjoy the great outdoors. When planning your winter or summer getaway, you want to make sure you pick somewhere that has a rich history with never ending reasons for its popularity. Stowe is that destination, with over one hundred years’ experience being the “Ski Capital of the East”.


Stowe has been inhabited since the late 1700s, making it one of the oldest towns in all of Vermont. By staying here, you can enjoy a town with a long and rich history surrounding some of the country’s oldest settlers. Most of the state focused on farming while Stowe came to be known as the ideal resort destination. At this point in the Stowe history summer and winter resorts began to populate the area surrounding Mt. Mansfield and its majestic views. The first inn, the Mansfield House, caught fire in 1889 and unfortunately burned to the ground.


While winter sports in Stowe steadily became more popular throughout the 1800s, it was the Winter Carnival first taking place in 1921 that made Stowe the northeastern cornerstone for skiing. This led the way for downhill skiing trails to take shape, with construction starting in 1933 at the Bruce Trail. In these early days of Stowe Vermont history skiers had to hike miles up the mountain trails before reaching the summit. The first chairlift began its operation in 1940, making the trek much easier. Mt. Mansfield now uses state-of-the-art high-speed lifts to make the climb even easier.


You can discover all there is to know about the Stowe Vermont history of rich skiing and snowboarding history at the Vermont Ski Museum. The museum has been collecting and preserving the history of the area since 1988 and houses a unique collection of memorabilia and artifacts. Take a trip into the past with an educational yet exciting visit to the Vermont Ski Museum.


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